Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Resources

Archived NAS Webinars


KPQC 2019 Spring General Meeting Agenda and Speakers (PDF)

General Meeting of the Membership Report (PDF)

Prenatal Care and Screening:

Slides: Bertschy, Prenatal Care and Screening (PDF)

Watch Video (15 min.)

Partnering with Treatment Programs for Prenatal Education:

Slides: Sanchez, Prenatal Education (PDF)

Watch Video (8 min)

Substance Use Disorder During & After Pregnancy:

Slides: Gorman, Substance Use Disorder During & After Pregnancy (PDF)

Watch Video (36 min.)

Parent Panel:

Watch Video (29 min.)

Stormont Vail:

Slides: Doyle, Stormont Vail (PDF)

Watch Video (24 min.)

Current NAS Initiatives across the state:

Slides: Jackson, Kansas NAS Initiatives (PDF)

Coding NAS:

Slides: Kasehagen Jackson, Coding NAS (PDF)

Watch Video (36 min.)

Next Initiative:

Slides: Bettinger, Next Initiative (PDF)

Peer NAS Resources

Peer Resources allow you to see materials developed by other Kansas birth centers. Please feel free to borrow ideas and modify a resource to fit your Center’s needs. Should you do so, please reference the Center that created the original document.

KPQC NAS Resources